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Blu Premium 100 Review

Blu Cigs coupon code for $10 off a blu starter kit.We decided to review Blu Cig Premium 100 Pack…Blu Premium 100 pack review by Blu Cigs Blu is one of the best E Cigarette companies and has been manufacturing electronic cigarettes since 2009. When conducting our Blu Premium 100 review we decided that this is an impressive and high-tech addition to their product line. The Blu premium 100 resembles a pack of 100-length cigarettes. However, the pack of a Blu Premium 100 is slightly different from your standard cigarette box. This is the ideal e cig kit for the social smoker. In fact – the main reason we’re so hype about the Blu Premium100 pack is that it will definitely help you meet people.

Get Social With Blu Cigs Premium 100 Pack

One surprising and intelligent feature on the Blu Cigs Premium 100 pack is a social button. The Blu container has a “social” feature which can be activated when the user wants to find other Blu smokers in the area. The Blu Premium 100 pack has an internal sensor which locates other Blu cig smokers in a 50 foot radius and then vibrates two times.

The Blu cig itself is another mechanical apparatus. Shaped like a standard 100-length cigarette, the Blu cig is kept in the Blu box, resembling how a standard cigarette is packaged. The smoker draws the mist out of one end of the cigarette and the other end flashes blue, mimicking the flare of a lit cigarette.

Blu Cigs Premium 100 pack is bigger compared to the premium pack. It has new technology that contains bigger cartridges and batteries. This substantially reduces recharging and allows for maximum vapor. Each pack has pack charging and battery life indicator lights on the side. The Blu Cigs Premium 100 pack has a terrific new battery feature. There is no longer any need to screw in the spare battery. If the battery is in the pack, that means it is charging, ensuring a proper charge. The pack itself is the charger and can be charged by a wall charger or with a USB charger.

Each Blu Cigs Premium 100 pack will hold five cartridges. A single cartridge can match a pack and a half of regular cigarettes. These cartridges are a new one piece design and includes the atomizer. This allows fuller flavor and more vapor with each puff.

The smoke juice filling each cartridge hand mixed in Wisconsin. The design will specifically work with blu cigarettes. Classic Tobacco is superb for the taste of rich tobacco cigarette. There are five fantastic flavors to choose from, including Cherry Crush and Java Jolt.

You can’t go wrong with Blu Cigs – cause they have an awesome 30-day money back refund policy if you have an issue. That received big points from me.

Overall Opinion of Blu Premium 100 pack = Buy it now

In conclusion, the Blu premium 100 pack is freakin cool when you get right down to it. Personally, I love being being social and meeting new people – and I’ve already met tons of Blu cig smokers just because of my Blu Premium 100 pack. Blu cigs are great for conversation pieces to start off with, then if you have a pack that alerts you when another Blu smoker is around – you’re going to end up meeting a lot of cool people. I have a friend who doesn’t even really smoke and he bought the Blu Premium 100 pack just so he can meet girls (in my opinion, he needs the help). The social networking aspect of the cigarettes should appeal to the Facebook generation.

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Blu Cigarette premium 100 is worth the price

Feb 13, 2012 by Sharon T.

Blu cigs are a great way to smoke. I love that they come in such a wide variety of delicious flavors, like "cherry crush," "vivid vanilla," and "java jolt." I can even purchase the amount of nicotine that's right for me. Their flavors are 100% made in the USA, and Blu is the only electronic cigarette brand that is able to make this claim.

Other electronic cigarette brands acquire their ingredients from China, which makes you wonder if they have the same standards as Blu. Blu cigs are cheaper than regular cigarettes, too. Since they produce no second-hand smoke, tar or ash, they are perceived as more socially acceptable than traditional cigarettes; they produce vapor instead, and I can smoke them anywhere! It's been getting harder and harder to smoke my regular cigarettes in public; Blu cigs gave me a solution. It's great to be able to smoke in bars and restaurants again.

I also love that they come in a special case that charges on the go. It's about the same size as a regular cigarette carton and has room for flavor packs and extra batteries. Blu cigs are super convenient and easy to use, and I recommend them to anyone who is interested in smoking electronic cigarettes!

Go for the Blu Premium 100 pack

Jan 17, 2012 by Dave

My friend and I both bought a Blu cigs starter kit last weekend. Much credit to Blu for delivering our cigs already - we were both pretty happy with that. But my friend accidentally ordered the standard Blu kit. I ordered the Premium 100. And he's kind of annoyed that he didn't order the Premium 100 like I did.

Our Blu Cig premium 100 Pack Review

Dec 26, 2011 by Ashley

As you've read above, I'm a huge fan of the Premium 100 pack. This kit gives you an awesome smoking experience while also giving you the chance to meet someone. And let's be real, Blu cig smokers are the coolest (I happen to smoke Blu Cigs and V2 cigs).

5.0 5.0 3 3 Blu cigs are a great way to smoke. I love that they come in such a wide variety of delicious flavors, like "cherry crush," "vivid vanilla," and "java jolt." I can even purchase the Blu Premium 100 Pack

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