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Envy Electronic Cigarette Review

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Envy Electronic Cigarettes are great ecig brand that offers great discounts from time to time. With overall positive reviews for Envy Cigs, we definitely recommend trying out one of Envy Ecigs starter kits.

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Envy Electronic Cigarette Brand Review
When we ordered several products from Envy Electronic Cigarettes, we were please to get 20% off by using our Envy e cig coupon code.

Checking out with our Envy e cigs was smooth, the discount code worked, and we received our cigarette order before the expected delivery date – which is always a plus. Customer service was friendly when we called, but we did tell them we were writing a review, so that may have persuaded them to be extra kind.

Review of Envy Electronic Cigarette Flavors

Complete Envy Electronic Cigarette review with coupon code.

If you enjoy the standard tobacco taste of e cigs or like menthol flavored cigarettes, then Envy’s flavors will suit you well. If you are one of those who prefers chocolate, coffee, or cherry flavored e cigs, then you may have a negative opinion of Envy. The great for starters cigarette brand only has two flavors at the moment, which is a limited selection. Only menthol and full-flavor cartridges are available.

Overall, our Envy ecig review was a positive one and we think the product is quality while the discount coupon code is a great saving opportunity. We wish there were more flavors available from Envy, and also wish that they offered a more top-of-the-line luxury smoking option. There are many Envy Electronic Cigarette Reviews out there, but we want to hear your honest Envy E cig review. Please, if you have smoked Envy e cigs, let us know your honest review below.

Expert Envy Reviews

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Honest, real review of Envy Electronic Cigarettes. Hear why Envy cigs are a valuable purchase and one of the best deals available when purchasing e cig starter kits.

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Envy Ecigs Envy Electronic Cigarettes Envy Electronic Cigarettes have starter kits, refill cartridges, and disposable ecigs. Rate the company based on how quality their electronic cigarette products are. SKU UPC Model

Envies are great

Feb 08, 2012 by Chino

Dude... it's cheap, yes. It might not be THE best cigarette out. But it's an awesome deal and I think Envies smoke better than most.

Having a great smoke and saving too

Feb 03, 2012 by Anthony

Envy e-cigarettes help me enjoy a great smoke and I spend a lot less on my smoking. This is a great saving opportunity, not only for my pocket but my health too. Plus I can smoke these ecigs anywhere. The best part is that my mom and dad are happy for me.

Enjoy the thick and full smoke

Feb 03, 2012 by Ricky

Envy e cigarettes are simply great. Now I no longer worry about those harmful carcinogens and chemicals entering my body. I occasionally smoke the real tobacco ones but I really don’t miss them. The full-flavor cartridges last for along time. I think I will stick to these ecigs anytime.

Envy Review

Feb 03, 2012 by Vincent

Envy e cigs are the best thing to happen to me. My mom had given up as I simply refused to or couldn’t give up the traditional cigs and she was worried about my health. But then I tried Envy e cigs and love smoking them as I still enjoy the standard tobacco taste. I did this for you Mom!

Simply e cigarettes by envy

Feb 03, 2012 by Johnny

I love Envy electronic cigarette as they are not only the best ecigs bit also offer some great discounts from time to time. Now my expenditure on smoking is cut right by half and I have complete freedom to smoke anywhere. Thumbs up for these great ecigs!

Please get me some more flavors

Feb 02, 2012 by John

Envy electronic cigarettes are great but I could do with some more flavors found in other ecigs, sure these ecigs give me a great thick volume of smoke and a very satisfying experience. My favorite flavor is menthol. I wish they will introduce more flavors.

Want more flavors!

Feb 01, 2012 by Jacob

Is any body listening, we want some more flavors from Envy. I enjoy smoking Envy e cigs and my parents are happy too as they know these are completely safe and there are no harmful chemicals involved. Moreover, I can smoke them wherever I want!

Envy e-cigarette really stand out!

Feb 01, 2012 by Allen

Using Envy e-cigarettes are not only a great saving opportunity but you are saving on your health too. There are many other top brands in ecigs, but I find that Envy e-cigarettes stand out. They are easy to use, hygienic and very economical to use too! I simply enjoy smoking these.

Looking for the best ecigs?

Feb 01, 2012 by Vincent

If looking for the best ecigs, then you should try Envy e cigarette. These full-flavor cartridges are available in menthol. These are a great option to stay away from baccy. I love dragging on these cigs and they give you a very satisfying experience. Enjoy the a cloud of good tasting vapor!

Great for starters

Feb 01, 2012 by Aaron

If you are planning to start smoking the conventional tobacco cigs, I advise you to try Envy electronic cigarette first. You will never feel like moving on to the real tobacco. And they will be growth for your health as well as your pocket as they are very economical too.

3.7 5.0 96 96 Dude... it's cheap, yes. It might not be THE best cigarette out. But it's an awesome deal and I think Envies smoke better than most. Envy Electronic Cigarettes

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